My Handmade Resin Jewellery Collection

Welcome to my Handmade Resin Jewellery collection. At the heart of my craft lies an unwavering commitment to creating captivating, unique resin jewellery pieces that are not only lightweight but also meticulously refined, setting them apart from any other.

Located in Alet-les-Bains, a beautiful village near Limoux and Carcassonne nestled within the foothills of the French Pyrenees, I ethically source a diverse array of elements from nature’s tapestry – dried wild flowers, the intricate wings of insects, and an assortment of other treasures – as well as my own hand-drawn designs inspired by my tattoo work. I then seamlessly weave these together with hand-picked ornamental metal findings, resulting in jewellery that invites you to pause and appreciate the intricate details that might otherwise pass us by.

In my various collections, discover earrings, necklaces, and pendants that are more than just accessories; they are handcrafted keepsakes and ornaments, eternalising the ephemeral in a fast-moving world, and transforming what we see into what we wear.

Customisation and Personal Projects

While I take immense pride in offering a range of high-quality, ready-to-buy products, I also cherish the opportunity to collaborate on bespoke pieces that resonate with your unique style and sentiment. Whether you’re seeking a thoughtful gift or a custom creation, my jewellery is designed to be a true, elegant expression of individuality. Take a look at some of my previous custom projects to get into your creative flow, or contact me to start talking about how we can develop your project and bring it to life.




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