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Hello, I’m Mika, a 33-year-old artisan hailing from the vibrant city of London. Life led me to the enchanting landscapes of France seven years ago, where I’ve since embarked on a creative journey that weaves together my passions for ornamental tattooing and jewellery-making. As a dedicated single mum, I’ve learned to balance the artistry of my work with the joys and challenges of motherhood. Every piece I create reflects the unique blend of experiences, cultures, and inspirations that have shaped my life. Join me on this artistic voyage, where beauty, nature, and the essence of individuality converge.


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A self-taught tattoo artist, I have been practicing tattooing for about 6 years now. It came as a natural progression from a lifetime of fine arts and especially abstract illustration, as well as an inate interest in adorment and artistic expression through the body.   


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